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Rhys from Mongrel Mechanics is a qualified car aircon regas and servicing mechanic, no matter what auto aircon problem you have Mongrel Mechanics has the service to get your car icy cold again

Is your vehicle’s air conditioner underperforming? Common symptoms of faulty air conditioning systems include:

  • A lack of cool air
  • Noisy operation
  • Off smells

These are all common faults with your vehicle AC system that can be repaired at Mongrel Mechanics which services Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Whitsundays.


Car Air-Conditioning Condenser

Airlie Beach Car Aircon Regas And Servicing

Diagnosing Why Your Vehicle Air-conditioning Is Not Working

Regular Auto AC Servicing

Like any car component, routine servicing of your car’s air conditioner safeguards it when you require it. Bring in your vehicle to Mongrel Mechanics, and I will attach it up to a charging station to review your refrigerant levels and pressure.

Your car’s entire air conditioning process will be scrutinized to determine any broken components.

If required, the refrigerant present in the system will be withdrawn and saved before parts are taken out for restoration or cleaning.

Once your air conditioning system is repaired, the correct volume of refrigerant and oil will be added.

Aircon Gas/Refrigerant

Air Conditioning Refrigerant has the ability to change from gas to liquid and then back again, this is what keeps your car cool on those hot Airlie Beach days.

Refrigerant leakages are a frequent problem that we see in most cars and trucks. As a part of our comprehensive air conditioning service and repairs. Our Car Aircon Regas And Servicing owner Ryce, will consistently review your refrigerant levels, and be able to fix any leaks and repair any leaks and refill your system with new refrigerant.


The compressor is a pump that distributes the refrigerant through all the separate components. It consists of several operating parts that can wear out over time and need changing.

It can also be easily damaged in a crash or become blocked or develop leaks. Our Airconditioning service machine we can easily diagnose if the compressor is the problem

The Condensor

The condenser is like a mini radiator. It compresses the refrigerant from a gas into a liquid, discharging all the warmth that it picks up from your car by rotating it through cooling coils and fins.

An aircon compressor can be damaged in head-on collisions, and likewise, become clogged or form leakages, and need to be changed when they break down.

Car Aircon Regas And Servicing Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Whitsundays

Thermal Expansion Valve

Next on our list of determining Vehicle Air-conditioning complications is the thermal expansion valve. This Valve converts warm refrigerant liquid into a chilled vapour. When this valve breaks, it no longer controls the temperature accurately.

A key symptom of a broken TX valve is the interior of your automobile warming up when the AC is on.

The Evaporator

Car Aircon Regas And Servicing also includes the evaporator, this is normally found under the dashboard of your vehicle, the refrigerant liquid evaporates to a gas inside the evaporator.

A fan then pushes that air across its cold tubes just before the cool air is blown into the interior of your car. Your car evaporators can be blocked or corroded and will need to be replaced to fix the problem

Receiver drier

The receiver drier briefly stores oil and refrigerant when they’re not required by the air conditioner. It further looks after the system by trapping water and contaminations that might break other segments.

Constantly changing the receiver drier helps to maintain the full air conditioning system in excellent performing condition

Mongrel Mechanics Has You Covered

If you have any questions  about our Car Aircon Regas And Servicing in Airlie Beach, Proserpine and Whitsundays, or wish to book your car in please contact me using our text chat feature in the bottom right of your screen or see our full details on our contact page, if I’m on a job I will get back to you asap


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